Get Mentoring :)

I’m a super firm believer in having mentors & being a mentor. There’s lots of wisdom that we can acquire & pain we can avoid when we have mentoring in our lives. Sometimes we might feel short on mentors in our lives but for me, one of the best mentors are books. Here’s the honest truth with books – I read all kinds: leadership, management, spiritual, Navy SEAL books, Greek, etc. I also get lots of mentoring from various people by just asking questions & listening! I also get lots of mentoring by receiving correction & feedback that’s not always very affirming, smile. 
Mentoring is good for us 🙂



The presence of the Holy Spirit in our people and homes, serving the Lord … have ears and eyes to see our pastors , brothers , is to grow … every ministration and intercession there is a Being who intentaa testify that your faith it does not break . Gold for work !! ask unanimous pray with me !! and study and work in white for my hija.bendiciones

Sarah your blogs are the best read. Heartfelt, real, intelligent and wise. Food for thought and soul

Thanks HEAPS!!

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