Genuine Love:


If you want to change something that is people related, think about how to love well. I say that because sometimes people can be cranky, grumpy & even rude for various reasons. But genuine love seems to often diffuse some of those challenges & hostilities. Seems to me that we humans do well with receiving genuine love but even more importantly, we are most fulfilled when we love others well & not only when a person seems worthy of being loved. 
With Saving Moses, we get to express genuine love to our babies with nightcare & it is totally a divine experience to express genuine love to our babies & their moms. 

Let’s love well 🙂


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El renunciar a lo mundano, es nuestro testimonio, es decir si a que el fruto del Espíritu Mora en Nosotros!!!!!! vivimos dando muchas veces testimonio de conductas no acordes a la vida de un cristiano, con goteras que pierden y tienen que ver con marcadas desidias….seria tan fácil VER SI JESÚS LO HARIA ASI

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