futile things

Yesterday, I read 1 Sam 12:21,  “”You must not turn aside, for then you would go after futile things which can not profit or deliver, because they are futile.  NASU

This verse kind of floored me throughout the day & is lingering into today.  Futile things – what are the futile things that i chase after which have no profit or power to deliver?  There are many futile things in our lives – things that are unnecessary, frothy, frivolous, irrelevant & just plain nonsense.  And yet, how much time do we devote to “futile things”?  How much attention & energy do we give to “futile things”?  I wonder (saying this in a tongue & cheek fashion) if there’s a direct correlation to the lack of fulfillment we may experience compared to the quantity of effort / time we spend pursuing “futile things”. 

If you think about it, what are some futile things that you may presently be pursuing & are such things / people mere vapors compared to the fulfillment you could experience in pursuing God?  Just something to consider on this beautiful spring day 😉



Joseph L. Ushie

Calvary greetings, in Jesus’ name.

I listen to you on CTV this morning talk on “Consumption vs Conservation.” I really appreciate you for your concern for eternity and how you are going about sharing it in a practical way.

Incidentally, I am a likeminded pastor. Apart from ministering Assemblies of God, Nigeria, I lead a group of young men and women who are committed to Missions. We are working on our website and hope to be sharing our experiences in this project.

I pray the good Lord will continue to sanctify your motives and intentions, with eternity ever in view. If we can’t see here, let us do all we can to meet there.

Yours in the Lord’s Vineyard. Joseph L. Ushie.

Which was each exciting at the same time as insightful! Thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

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