This has been an interesting winter & I’m getting to notice things that I’ve not seen or felt before:

  • nests in trees that were covered by leaves in the summer,
  • branches of trees that reveal designs of strength & creativity with refreshing beauty,
  • birds who sing with unmuffled strength and much more. 

I’m noticing that winter reveals a weakness and frailty that I often don’t perceive during the summer, vulnerable exposure.  Maybe sometimes God leads us into winter seasons in our lives to increase our intimacy with God – exposing our vulnerable frailty so we can be all the more closer to God’s strength, truth and presence.  Winter reveals what summer conceals 🙂



.I live in the woods and this winter season reveals so clearly what your blog states… This is a fragile season of my own personal life and I love your perspective… Thank you for sharing your heart… Encouraging to others as myself.

Wow, this really spoke to me! Thank you for sharing, Sarah.

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