food for body (tres leches & coconut cream) & soul

Ok, my good friend Jolene has her bday tomorrow & her kind husband let me know that she really likes our tres leches cake – so we made one today.  If you’ve never had a tres leches cake, it would bring me great joy to let you experience the joy w our family sometime.  This is reece’s fav cake (maybe tied w moist carrot cake), so he always gets jittery when I make it because of his inclination to consume large portions in vaccuum style.  😉  Needless to say, I like to cook this cake bc its hard to ruin.

My next cooking endeavor will be in tv taping tomorrow w a coconut cream pie.  If you were around on the Wed nite when I finished the beatitudes series, you’ll recall the entertaining coconut cream pie fiasco – it was a step up from my attempt to “toast” whipped cream under the broiler.  Enough on that one.  (personally, i think cooking should include some comic relief – mine usually does!) 

As for the soul food – here’s my wisdom for the nite:  visit my buddy’s blog: kevlarbeard.  He has a list of suggestions that are really powerful!!!!




Wow! I’m impressed that there is SOMEONE ELSE out there that knows what Tres Leche cake is! Everytime we tell ANYONE what it is, they give the :/ look and denote it as one of those “Mexican Treats.” (Yes, I’m Hispanic, but I could be really REALLY tan for all they know!) KUDOS to my Tres Leche Cake loving Pastors!!! We will not leave your church now 😀 I will, however, have to state that NO ONE can go on par with my (Hispanic) Grandmother’s Tres Leche Cake. It’s like eating a squishy version Mexico if Mexico were dipped in heaven, soaked in condensed milk, and sprinkled with sugar! 😉


stop, pastor sarah! this is too much good food to be reading about on a Thursday morning.


ps – thanks for the link!

i’m a huge fan of tres leche cake

Hey storyteller550, what’s so hard about “3 Lakes Cake.” It’s not that hard to figure out.


Glad to get the feedback on the cake. the coconut cream pie turned out ok. danielle stirred for me & it all seemed to go well. 😉

Jolene Picone

HOLY COW!! This was some good cake!!! WOW, I cannot deny it that I ate a piece or two everyday until it was GONE!! Vaccuum style as you say. happy Birthday to ME!!!! I love you P.Sarah, you rocketh my world!

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