Follow the Leader

I recently went snowboarding with a friend who is a skier & has never skied with a snowboarder. We went to her home turf ski resort where I’ve never been, so it was a really fun adventure in “first times”. As I was fondly remembering this recent day, I thought about how I had absolutely no clue where I was nor what each run would be like. She knows this mountain so well, she could ski it blindfolded, at night in her sleep – ok, not quite but close. 

Snowboarding with my friend was kind of like following the Holy Spirit in these ways:

  • total trust: I had to listen attentively to my friend to know where I should end up so we didn’t get separated
  • stay close: on several occasions, she had to wait for me & I needed to keep up my speed so that we could ride the lifts together
  • terrain park: I tried a beginner box & despite her instructions, I still biffed; so I need to keep trying to learn new terrain & ways to ride
  • enjoy the ride: I don’t have to know where I’m going to enjoy the company with whom i travel
  • fully committed: the level of my enjoyment is proportionate to my level of commitment; low commitment to the day would have made a low quality / quantity of pleasure & enjoyment

Following the Holy Spirit is a uniquely amazing adventure – so LETS GO!!  This book could help you to enjoy the adventure:  Heavenly Help 🙂


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