Finding Rest

Last week, during our family vacation, my kids likened me to Dori in the movie, Finding Nemo.  From their perspective, I’m enthusiastic, optimistic & sometimes forgetful, similar to Dori. Their observations made me smile & warmed my heart because I like that character in Finding Nemo.

In the movie, Dori is relaxed & sees obstacles & hardships as friendly opportunities & adventures. She even takes the experience in the belly of a whale in a relaxed & conversational way. And getting lost doesn’t seem to ruffle her fins.

From my perspective, Dori keeps a relaxed approach to life. To help us keep a relaxed & restful mindset about life, let’s consider some helpful pointers:

  • God is in control, full stop
  • God is genuine love
  • God likes you heaps & heaps.

Let’s choose to rest & trust in our Heavenly Father no matter what we go through nor the season in which we find ourselves 🙂


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