fasting notes #2

Continued from yesterday:

NOW:  What does “fast” mean to us today?  Definition – adj:  to move quickly;  noun / verb: to abstain or refrain from (food)

The original meaning was “hold firmly,” & the sense evolving is via “firm control of oneself”

hold tight – to one’s self / to another moving quickly

A godly inconvenience we impose voluntarily on ourselves



HOW:  Matt 6:16-18

νηστεύητε: present indicating action in progress: Whenever ye may be fasting.


Do: check your motive – anoint your head and wash your face  18 so that your fasting will not be noticed by men (between you & God)

Don’t:  16 neglect your appearance (so that they will be noticed by men)


Fasting isn’t the goal, but rather a path to the goal – to be discussed next week



Œ  how can you integrate fasting into your life – to be embraced by your lifestyle?



Stephen Tafoya

One of the best parts of fasting … BREAK-FAST!! YUM!! 🙂

Checking our motives for fasting. That is a continual process. It seems we start with a good motive; to be closer to God, then we start looking for results in worldly ways. I have been attempting to fast from solid foods, coffee and sugar for 21 days but I can say it has been difficult to stick with it. In the past, during fasting times, I have had visions in my dreams but nothing this time so far. I have three days left and am still waiting to hear from God.

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