fasting failures

Have you ever tried to fast, from a spiritual premise, only to feel like you failed?  One time, i was fasting & there was a point where i hit the wall & just didn’t sense any life – it was more than just being physically difficult.  it was like i hit a dead end.  i tried to power through it, but after a few days, i just felt drained, empty & lifeless.  i came to the conclusion that God’s grace had lifted from the fast & that He intended me to finish my fast, but i was trying to “power on” without His grace or help.  Consequently, my efforts were flat, futile & even energy draining.  big learning from that mistake.

I’m giving you this example because i’d like you to share about your fasting failure(s), so we can hopefully learn from each other & not repeat someone else’s mistakes.  honesty will make this invaluable for both you & others.  🙂



I experience the same thing like you did before, I am very hard on my self so I thought I was being week spiritually and that I did not heard from God right. So I want to the scripture and this is what I found out.
I first looked at the reason why I was fasting? At the time it was because we were fasting at church as a congregation. Then what I discover by looking at all the times that the people in the bible fasted such as in Nehemiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Mathew they all had several things in common.
First they did not eat any food.
Second they prayed and fasted all day and sometimes all night.
Third they where directed to fast at a time where major brake through was needed.
I notice how we do fasting today we fast for half a day, and pray for a bit more than usual because we still have to go to work and operate normal in our day. Or we fast something we like very much like TV or sweets and do the rest because it still is a sacrifice.
We fast for different reasons such as we need a new job, or we need more money, or because we are all doing it for revival at our church or whatever other reason.
I was stunned, it seem like we reinvented fasting to suit our life stile. When I have a real experience in fasting is when I decide I am not eating, I am before God all day my need is that desperate my spiritual need is so major I need to be in the throne right now big time. The same way fasting was done by the people in the bible. It is not only a hunger and passion and need for breakthrough that compels me to not want to eat, not want to stop praying and supplicating, I do not care what is going on outside, or work or phone or nothing, I am here to touch the hem of His garment I desperately need Him.
I do not like to go on a fast jest because, I do not like to go on a fast when every one at church fast and we all put our names on a board as to when and for how long is convenient for you to fast. If bothers me, it makes it fill that what I am doing is unworthy. I guess once you have had such a deep experience fasting the way the bible shows you is hard to do it any other way. Do I go through times very often where I need to fast in this way? No. But when I do I almost fill like Moses when he when up the mount and came back down glowing in Gods Glory.
I want a radical, passionate, strong, and life changing relationship with God nothing less nothing more, that is way it bother me so much to go through a spiritual drought where you fill like I can pray, I can read the word all of that.
I understand I will go through all of this in my walk with God, good and sometimes not very pleasant after all it does tell me in His word in Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I know live in the FLESH I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. I am still here in the flesh I will go through staff no matter what. But He went through it and had the victory in every thing so that I will have a map, directions of how to claim my own victory through Him since He lives in me.
Sorry this is so long.

Nathan Kraft

I remember one time. I, emphasis on I, decided to fast, and, needless to say, it didn’t go very well. After the end of the day I was through. The reason I think that fast failed was because the fast shouldn’t have been about, my needs, my ideas, but rather about God. However my concentration was on how I was hungry, and my problems, and subsiquently it didn’t go so well.

Another time I fasted was because I felt the call in my life, and the void where I needed God to come and fill. I woke up after not eating dinner the night before, extremely dry, hungry, and it turned out I was sick. And so fasting was just a big “inconvenience” because of all the physical problems I had. But because my focus was kept on God and I stayed with the fast. I noticed I had energy, I didn’t feel horrible, and I felt God deeply.

Notice the difference between these two fasts. 1.) was centered on my problems, my expectations, and my hunger. 2.) was focused on Gods call, what God wanted me to do, and I ignored my physical needs. What were the outcomes? The first had an outcome of a failed fast and frustration. The second had a deep presence with God, and a great experience.

-Nathan, VA

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