Failing at Leadership

This week I failed at some leadership stuff – I hate failing when I know I can do better, hate it 🙁
Over the years, I’ve been in lots of different leadership roles, learning & growing heaps! Leadership is certainly an honor & weight. With that said, I think I learn the most from hearing about leadership failures & not just successes. So here are some of my failures as a leader & maybe you’ll find them helpful sometime:

  • communication shortfall – people can’t read my mind & it’s my responsibility to communicate clearly
  • insecurity – letting my insecurities bleed into my various leadership roles has left me with stupid, messy & unnecessary problems
  • proactive – it’s not helpful when I’m passive & don’t provide direction or anticipate obvious needs
  • arrogance – this was really stupid because my pride prevented me from learning & it was hurtful to the people I was leading
  • impulsive – there’s stuff in my personality where I can be impulsive & not strategic; this creates instability, confusion & sabotages teamwork

I know that I have boatloads more failures in my leadership experiences but I’m committed to grow & make new mistakes ,)


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God bless the generous folks who employed me over the years. I sure was out of my element. And I didn’t have to be in management to be out of my element. My dysfunctional childhood circumstances followed me way too far into adulthood. I am so very thankful that I was given opportunities to work.

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