Eyes on the Prize

This morning has been a really refreshing time of re-focusing for me that I’ve needed more than I realize. Similar to you, I have LOTS of responsibilities & spinning plates. If I’m not careful, I can get too focused on these various important things at the expense of finding my peace & satisfaction in Jesus. For me, any balance that excludes a really healthy dose of intimacy with Jesus is nothing more than an illusion.
So my conclusion is that I have no mojo without being grounded in a deepening intimacy with Jesus 🙂



I’ve got my mojo working because of Jesus!

Hi Sarah
You always have a perfect timely word of encourgement and the Lord use you and your mom Tv broadcast here in Africa impacting our lovely Africa Continent amen keep on preching the Good news
Namibia, Windhoek

Yes this is so true. I have learned that I cannot function or carry out His assignments if I’m not operating from a place of rest and balance. Thanks for the reminder to always keep the focus on Him….”the author and the finisher”

In conjunction with focusing there are some really good books about to or just hit the market to read and share Savelle – “Favor of God” / Joyce has a new one, “Change Your Words – Change Your Life” / Joel “I Declare” / and of course my favorite daily devotional “Jesus Calling” Enjoy your quiet times!!

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