Exalting Jesus some more

Yahoo! In Philip 2:10, Paul says that every knee should bow to the name of Jesus (along with every tongue confessing that He is Lord).  These come in response to God the Father exalting the name of Jesus.  In chapel on Tuesday, we talked about how we can exalt Jesus & lift Him up, just a little more & just a little more, & even just a little more: lift up

But now I have a follow up question.  What are some different ways that we can bend our knees to the name of Jesus?  Or even better, what does it mean to bend our knees to Jesus?



maria katrina

hello!! i am katrina, mystique’s baughman’s friend from the Philippines.. she visited us just a month ago..she told me this, about your blogs and stuff..
and i have read your book too,” HOW TO KEEP YOUR FAITH In an Upside-Down World”..she gave it to me as a present when she got here..

i was soo inspired by it, i know that the Lord blessed you on that.. about your question on this blog, i think that there are many ways to bending our knees to Jesus’ name..i think the most important gesture we can do is to simply allow Him to reign in our lives..for some,it’s easy to say..but hard to do..because it’s still them who want to do things, without acknowledging God first..it’s like, God is the Master of the house, but we are reigning over Him, and the entire house..didn’t we confess it already that from the time we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, He is now the master and we are just to obey Him and His Word? nevertheless, i know that God is at work in each and everyone of us and we are being change from glory to glory..

to sum it up, we should let Jesus take over us..because it’s not anymore us who lives, its Jesus Christ who lives, and by that we are alive and free..that is why we are more than conquerors, and we are co-heirs with Him..

thank you soo much for this, and God bless you in everything,for everything and with everything..because Jesus is for us,with us and in us!!!

in Christ’s glory,
maria katrina

I think bending your knee to Jesus can mean accepting His Sovereignty when you don’t understand, not hardening your heart when circumstances hurt, pressing in when you want to walk away, trusting Him when you can’t see into the future.
Also bending your knee can be stopping to pray when you mostly think you will just keep working on it and talking about it until you figure it out.
In short, it’s what you said, when we bend our knee, we lift Him up.

We can bend our knees to the name of Jesus by making extra time for Him in prayer. With busy lifestyles, that can be hard – I know. But He is so good to show us things in our lives that can be adjusted to make that time…by listening to His still, small voice.

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