ever worry about anything???

Today, these are some of the things I worried about:

  • Isabell having a sore throat
  • David’s bday party this weekend
  • my message on worry that i’ve been working on (now that’s funny!)
  • work & people issues
  • getting my schedule mixed up (i was trying to remember what day of the week it was at 530pm – that’s sad)
  • the baked chicken being raw (long story)
  • finances

Most of us have our list of “concerns”, worries, uncertainties, etc.  Here’s something interesting to consider, of the things that we worry about:

40% — are things that will never happen

30% — are things about the past that can’t be changed

12% — are things about criticism by others, mostly untrue

10% — are about health, which gets worse with stress

8% — are about real problems that will be faced


There are many places in the Bible where we’re told not to worry but to trust God.  So with this directive, what are some things that you’ve found helpful in learning not to worry?  I understand that we’re all growing & not so many of us have achieved “worry-free” living – but if you could share some of your ideas, they could probably help others who read this blog – just leave a comment above.  Thanks!! 🙂



Annelie Barnard

My family has been going through a tough (very tough) year or two, and I found myself so stressed out and worried about everything oneday that all I could do was throw my hands up in the air and say:”God! Help me! You’re in control! You know my problems and you also know the outcome!!! I just come to you to restore my peace and to strengthen my faith! I also come to you for the wisdom I need in this situation!” Since that day, I made a decision to react to WORRY with PRAYER. I learnt that prayer restores my peace! Prayer strengthens my body! Prayer gives me hope! I know God is REAL!!! I also make a point of speaking to God in the early hours of the morning, I “give” Him my first minutes of the day. The moment I wake up, just there in my bed, I have God in my mind, I think of His greatness and His wonderful love, and I tell him I love Him and trust Him with my life. This is a real “worry-killer”!

Thinking about what you wrote, I realized I could sit and find plenty to worry about and easily fill my day (finances, job duties, friendships, work on my house, personal deadlines, etc). I strongly believe that worry is a choice and sometimes a plague. I think worry is a version of fear and the bible clearly says perfect love drives out all fear. I think fear and worry will always be present in our lives but if we truly have a perfect love for God and understand His level of love for us we could control the urge to worry. I think a persons level of worry and fear is based on their depth and understanding of love once a persons perception of love gets distorted it effects every relationship they have. For an extreme example if a child had an abusive parent that every time before they abused them they said “this is because i love you”. until the child realizes that what happened is not love based and also deals with the issue their reaction to someone saying i love you would be fear, worry, anger, pain, etc. The above example is extreme but we all have been mistreated by people that say they love us which in turn changes our perception if we are not careful.

When I worry I start to write all the things I am worrying about down. I take them and carefully pray over them making sure to leave them in Gods Hands, then I disguard them and forget about them. I know sometimes its hard to just forget about them, but since I have been doing this kind of ceremoniously now since I was about 16 and I am now 31 I actually do leave them in Gods hands. I actually have a few of these lists in my palm pilot and I came across them just the other day. Of course all of them by now have been resolved, and better than I could have ever managed to do.


wow!!! how cool is that?!?! love these ideas – i’ll use them lots!! 🙂

I finally learned to trust God. After I began lining my life up with God’s Word and the more I renew my mind in His Word I know He will not fail to take care of my concerns. I thought I had to worry because I was not giving God my best. It only caused me to be depressed and physically ill. Now I do not see things the same. Being Saved I think… what is the worst that can happen?… nothing as bad as eternally being in hell.

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