ethiopia & yellow fever

Isabell & I got our ethiopia shots yesterday (she did great), along w all of our VERY cool ldrship team going with us!!  Let me introduce you to a few:  Thomas More – videographer beyond belief.  Here’s a man who’s relentless, fearless & flexible, all essential traits of a great man, say nothing of a wonderful videographer.  Next, we have our illustrious medical leader, Ken Parsons.  If you ever need help w a spinal cord injury, Ken is your man!  🙂  Ethiopia will be Ken’s 1st missions trip & he’s completely pumped.  We’re totally excited to have him go as he has great faith, wisdom & wonder wit! 

Stay tuned for more team updates – we have several more leaders going with us, but you’ll just have to come back to meet the others!  🙂


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