Ethiopia Update

So, we’re about 3 wks away from departure time & its time some more updates!  🙂

I’ve been talking to some pretty cool people about  coming with us – so we’ll see how it turns out.  Let me introduce you to Brenda Ballard – she’s a really sharp cookie.  She’s coordinating the logistics for our team & helping to keep us on on target with our goals.  🙂

Also, we have Mr Zach Hilbrich coming & I’m totally pumped to get to travel & minister w Zach.  Zach is cool because of his deep love for Jesus & people.  He’s really smart and extremely funny.  Zach will be helping with our univ ministry as well has helping with the kids programs and the medical things we’ll be doing.  Zach is cool!

I think you should come to Ethiopia with us. Its not too late!!  🙂

Give God another chance to turn your world upside down!



3 wks!!!! I am so stoked!!


I am more and more impressed with zach everyday!


yea, we have the excellent of excellent for our leadership team!!

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