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My kids are on Spring Break this week & we’ve had some really great family time together! We skied a few days & have totally enjoyed some mountain get away time. At the same time there have been a few hotspots & some things with my job that are diecy. If I’m not careful, I could let my mind get focused on the hotspots & work issues but one of my friends gave me some good advice: discipline your mind to be present with your body. For me, this is really good advice & maybe for you as well so that we can fully enjoy what God is doing where we currently are 🙂



Seek His face, and focus on His benevolent presence.
Great advice Warrior Sarah!
Your timing is ‘spot on’?!?
My words have been quite terse today.

Thank you for sharing this message today, Sarah. I have found out that I am constantly somewhere else in thought. One night I was lying in bed and didn’t realize that my dear husband could sense that I wasn’t sleeping. He then said, “Honey, go to sleep and stop thinking about other things.” I had to laugh because we were visiting family members over the Christmas holiday and my mind was way ahead into next week. Blessings!

Sarah – girl, ya got to get back on that Matthew 6:31&32 it seems to be a re–occurring theme for your blogs. Battling fear and doubt is a daily battle for me – fortunately God has allowed me the privledge of being able to stay in the “prayer closet” before I get out the door. If not hmmmmm not good. But it is back to -think on these things in correlation with Mt..6 (see above) “Great is thy faithfullness” & “Trust and Obey”, then “Victory in Jesus!” Psalm it away blocks the fiery darts ya know what I mean. Smile
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