energy management

Ok, my 3 kids have LOTS of energy.  If you work it right, you can get alot accomplished.  Take for example, dish unloading from the dishwasher.  David is in charge of silverware, Benji does tupperware & Isabell does coffee mugs & cups. I do plates & bowls.  We’ve got it down to a pretty good science & everyone knows their groove.  Another way to use their energy is when company comes over.

We’re having a party later this afternoon, so I turned Benji into the transportation unit – carrying things back & forth, while David & Bell did clean up.  Yesterday, Isabell, David & I cut up 12 lbs of strawberries – yes, 12 lbs.  🙂 All things being considered, we’ve gotten alot accopmlished, although we still have alot to do.  Anyways, its just fun to watch them all pitch in to get things done. 

Do you think God likes it when we get involved with what He’s doing?  Just a thought from Reece’s preaching.


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Here’s my thought, and it’s based on the fact that it sounds like you’re blogging post-cutting strawberries but pre-party… and the thought is that you are actually BLOGGING in between yesterdays tasks with tons of stuff still left to do! Now, that’s Energy Management!


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