I want to be a person who inspires courage, faith & strength.  In my mind, courage is an opposite for cowardice & I don’t want to be a person who’s influence causes others to be timid, scared, cowardly or insecure.  I want to put “courage in” people – to be an encouragement.

With this in mind, I’m real keen to hear your thoughts on what en-courages you, what puts courage into you???  Thanks for your help!!



Hi Sarah,
I loved your blog – and picture. I was thinking how blessed the cat was to have all of those mighty German Shepherds guarding her… no one would dare mess with that cat! What encourages me is the love I receive from my family on the good, bad, or ugly days. It is also wonderful to have a church that is so encouraging. Yet, even more than that is when I stop and feel the presence of God, when I get immersed in His Word and read that perfect scripture that I need to encourage and strengthen me. It’s when I “get too busy” for that time that I feel so vulnerable. But I know, God will never leave me or forsake me. Peace…

Rose McCormick

The Word of God and entering in the “Secret Place” is the most important source of encouragement to me. Sometimes, even our closest friends don’t have the right words…but waiting on the voice of the Holy Spirit will bring encoruagement and enlightment..if one waits long enough. I’ve learned the more severe the trial..the sweeter the Lord.

Chelsey Foerster

Hey Sarah,

Really enjoy your blog! What encourages me is how God will use people in our lives to say a positive word when it is needed. This has happened to me many times.

I get courage from people i trust, who believe in me, much like Jesus does in his word. Jesus believes I will succeed in all I do, and He loves me, like those closest to me. This gives me the courage to believe in myself, that I will make it no matter what storm I’m in.

Sheridan Ann Gay

Hi Sister Sarah, God gives me positive pastors that have a get up and go attitude that say, “Do it.” I do what they say, and my life is better for it…Pastor Mike Simons says, “Faith cancels Out fear.” I add my own spit to it where I say, “Faith cancels out fear in the name of Jesus Christ, then, Get over it.” In other words, I get my courage out of these sayings…God bless!

God’s word gives me courage when my surroundings disheart me.

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