empty versus full

I’ve been thinking alot about what it means to be filled w the Holy Spirit & here’s some real gut-level honesty:  there are times when i feel “empty”.  I’ve been chatting w God about this, particularly in relation to what He says in Eph 1:23 – Jesus fills all things (in the context of “church”) in every way.  With this verse, the truth says that He fills all things, including me, in every way.  So if this is true, then why do i sometimes feel “empty”? 

milkHere’s what I sense Him saying to me:  if you fill up a glass w milk, you can see, feel & taste the milk.  If you empty the milk out of the glass, its not empty, but rather filled w something other than milk – air.  The glass isn’t empty, when there’s no milk, but to our senses, it is empty.  I think in a similar way, when Jesus lives in our heart, we’re never truly empty, but we are filled in a way that isn’t always flesh aware.  So with Jesus in my heart and as His student, i want to learn Him, interact w Him & become sensitized to Him.  I’m not nearly as empty as i may feel, from time to time  🙂

Something for you to ponder  🙂


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