Empty pursuits

When I was little, I was briefly mesmorized by cotton candy.  It looked so alluring, fluffy and it seemed to have an ethereal and tasty substance.  I remember the first time that I tried it – I was totally disappointed.  When the sugar rapidly evaporated as I put it in my mouth, I remember trying to find the substance of that big frothy and fluffy cotton ball  only to be disappointed by its disappearance and I thought, “What a rip off!”  It left a sweet taste in my mouth but no substance.

Anything we pursue that is not ultimately God will be like my cotton candy experience – tantalizing, alluring, fluffy and seemingly substantial, but ultimately empty, vacuous, disappointing, void and vain.  I like what CS Lewis said:  Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in.  Aim at earth and you will get neither.”  Let’s be mindful of our pursuits, watching how we spend our time, energy and money 🙂




That’s why God made puppy dogs and gardens – to show His love and learn how we get our produce. Selah


Great analogy….I was hoping the blog wasn’t going to be about cotton candy because it would have dissolved in my mind; I am glad it was something my brain can actually suck on. “The gift of Love is God’s gift to us; the gift of discipline is our gift to God”….”Long term goal have longevity, short-term impulses will make you a victim of gravity”!!!!

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