economic crisis

This has been an interesting week with the stock market – to say the least.  Reece says that the stock market in America dropped 17% in the last week – virtually unprecedented in recent history.  I think the economic thing is making the global community a bit jittery & understandably so.  However, it is my humble opinion that the economic crisis is revealing a deeper abyss – the misconception that wealth is the solution to the emptiness that echoes in the chasm of each human heart on the planet.  While I completely appreciate the value of wealth & its ability to improve the ability of the poor to survive, let’s not be misled that it is an answer to the neediness of our hearts. 

Reece told me about something that happened in Louisiana with a drilling rig on a lake that accidentally broke through the bottom of a lake only to discover a salt cave under the lake – watch the video below to see what happened.  While you’re watching, think about this question:  could our present economic strain be revealing a deeper chasm?

lake drain



Or how about national sin?


off topic, but did you see me stick my tongue out at you during church today? and did you see the new Pho they are putting in at Arapahoe and Dayton? so yeah!

Didn’t see u stick out ur tongue – missed that, sorry! DEFINATELY saw the pho joint at dayton & arap!!!!! When does it open?!?!?!?

I don’t even know you people but I love you with the love a Jesus. Thank you for sharing this Sara. I know Jesus loves you very much. I was touched by your ministrie in Ethopia…….

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