eat your veggies ,)

 I had an interesting conversation this morning with my daughter about some of the required reading that she needs to do over the Summer.  My conversation reminded me of the books & short stories that I had to read in school that I didn’t like.  To be truthful, I didn’t like Herman Melville nor Edgar Allen Poe, among others.  But my point with my daughter was that it’s good to push ourselves with new things – otherwise, we can easily get stuck in little, tiny, small lives of virtually obsolete diversity.

Maybe this was the mistake that the religious leaders of Jesus’ time made.  Maybe they were more comfortable with their legalism than with loving people.  Genuinely loving people can get messy for sure, but remember that Genuine Love is based more on the giver than the recipient 🙂



Cute! My son sent me a cute father’s day card noting all the euphanisms that are passed down like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “I don’t own stock in the electric company, etc”. Maybe it’s time for a book called “Sarah-isms”- you do bring the message right down home.

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