Ear Cleaning


Recently, one of my kids had some pain in their ear & I was concerned that it might be an ear infection. So we did the standard dr visit only to discover that this offspring didn’t have an ear infection but rather just needed a good ear cleaning. Truth be known, I was really grossed out when I watched this process along with the outcomes. But I do like that this child is now free from ear pain & double bonus: they hear me better!!!
Which makes me think that maybe if we kept our ears more clean to hear God, perhaps we could avoid some unnecessary pain. I think that we all have hearing obstructions from time to time when it comes to listening to God. So let’s allow the Holy Spirit to clean out our spiritual ears & turn up the volume on God’s voice in our lives 🙂

What might be some obstructions in your life that keep you from hearing God accurately & clearly?


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Jaja muy bello y edicficante esta intercesion…..cuantas veces no escuchamos al Señor….y feflexionamos que pasa….que señal tiene nuestro Señor para nosotros….Abba Padre

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