Driving Vacation

We are in the middle of our annual family vacation & this year, we’re driving round trip from Denver to Washington, D.C. So far, we’ve stopped along the way to hang out with family & friends, enjoying some wonderful time to catch up & reconnect. 
Driving is an interesting experience for me because I usually fly & endeavor to make my travel time as short as possible. This kind of travel is a dramatically slower form of getting from point A to B, so it’s an altogether different experience. 

Seems to me that our journey with God has different speeds. We can go through seasons when it seems like we’re moving super fast & making speedy progress. Then there are times when things are going so slowly that it hardly seems like we’re moving at all. Maybe God is more about the fellowship with us along the journey rather than the speed at which we reach our destinations. 



I have seen your show on Daystar but never really paid much attention to it until my son told me how powerful a woman of God your mom is. I am searching to know god more and I know he has a plan for my life. There was an attack on my life last october 2015 and the power of God intervene brought me out of the miry clay. I encountered a supernatural experience with God where the holy spirit came in and taught me how to fight back and take control of my life. My story is too long to tell here. I just want to let you know that God uses your sermons and the gift of the spirit talk to me sometimes. I know when he is speaking to me through you because I feel it down in my belly and sometimes I cry really hard because I feel and receive the word. I love to listen to your sermons because I want to hear what the spirit has to tell me. I know when it’s for me. Thank you for all that you do and for being obedient to God’s word!!

Avis, thanks much for the feedback! I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide & help you! 🙂

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