Driving Blind

Last night, I had a rather harrowing & long drive home in a snowstorm. It was no bueno. I almost slipped off the road several times & had a super difficult time seeing where I was driving. By the time I got home, I decided that in the future, I’d pull over & get a hotel room for the night – cheaper than a car wreck 🙂

Part of my adventure was the whole driving blind experience. There were points when the snow was so dense that it was virtually impossible to see, so obviously I made some speed adjustments & figured out some different ways to locate where I was driving (guide rails, other cars, etc), along with lots of praying. 
Sometimes, our faith walk can feel like blind driving – scary, unclear, stressful & even harrowing. The upside of our faith walk, in contrast to my driving scare last night, is that God is driving, full stop. When I ride in synch with God, I don’t always know exactly where we are going but I can trust that God isn’t malevolent but rather has good plans & outcomes for my life (Jer 29:11) & is the best driver, full stop 🙂

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Just another storm in life :):):)

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