Don’t Regress

Ever feel like life sometimes has 3 steps forward & then 1-2 steps back? Truthfully, Monday mornings often feel like the toucan two step with some possible backward progress. 
Translation: I’m not a Monday morning fan. 

But no matter what happens or doesn’t happen on difficult days, let’s keep in mind that God has given us the ability to chose our attitude, words & actions. I’m very happy to have this ability & I just need to be careful that I keep my attitudes, words & actions moving forward & positive rather than letting them slip into some Monday doldrums ­čÖé

I’m choosing not to regress – anyone with me?



Clyde Railsback

I am with you.

Cristina Parodi

Elijo no retroceder!!!siempre para adelante….pero soy honesta que siempre alineo con el Se├▒or….y por eso no decaigo…pero en esta nueva etapa de pruebas de mi vida, siempre pongo primera y adelante…pero por ah├ş me cuesta el autom├ítico!!!pero el Se├▒or es Misericordioso!!!y se de su amor y que nunca me ha dejado sola…siempre conmigo llevamos el madero y el siempre me puso su hombro Se├▒orean dome aun Hoy!!amen!!!

yes i do – today was that kind of monday for me too – but i pushed through and hung on and He got me through it without my messing up too much


Server Hang up, so try again,,Lol Praise God anyway! Forget what I wrote, and now just going to Thank God for you, and ask him to show you how much your reaching the injured, hurting, as I am one, spinal cord damage, big story but all for God Glory! need your prayers, asking please and all that read this, need His help in every way, but all my needs are met, right even if we cannot cook, or heat to keep warm, but praise the Lord, for this present suffering is nothing compared to the glory set before me! Amen Lord. Pastor Sarah I keep you in my prayers God bless you and your family, pour out His Holy Spirit upon you richly and let walk by the Spirit and listening, obeying Father God and the uncution of Holy Spirit, Glory to Chridt Jesus for loving us so much! Thanks for being real as a child of heaven, and stranger walking through this world,

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