don’t fix it

I have some home projects that I’ve agreed to work on to get fixed – washer issues, mini-blind stuff & a few more odd jobs.  Truth be known, I’m not very good on the home project front so these things kind of get conveniently delayed.  There are also some things that I’m working on with personal development, like using my time more efficiently, being more confident, communicating with more grace, etc.

Sometimes in our efforts to improve, we neglect to appreciate the distinct & unique qualities that God has designed in us.  Sometimes we wrongly see our distinctions as flaws because we desperately want to fit in & belong.  There are some things, however, that God designed in us that are uniquely & beautifully ours.  Let’s revel in God’s love for us & be really good at who God has made us to be!! 🙂




Something about a rocking chair on the front porch that has some attractions. Maybe the Amish has better perspective about working and life than all our technology, huh?

Goodmorning Pastor Sarah,I have been trying to reach you and Mum Marilyn for a while but all to no avail! I’m a missionary from Nigeria and pastors along with my husband in a church founded by the HolySpirit through us.

I have seen ups and downs,lacking and moment of plenty in the ministry and I’m still learning on the Job through the help of the HolySpirit! Still have more to learn and to train on. I’m open to learning.

Will like to build a Godly relationship with you knowing that you are the seed of Mum marilyn whom I must pattern my ministry after!and I have a lot to learn from you!

Kindly accept my hand of Fellowship ma and I promised that the name of Jesus alone will be glorified through this relationship. Will be glad if I can get your phone or email contact. My number is 2348021485085 or 2348034928784. Tosin Oladapo on facebook or twitter
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