Don’t Avoid Weakness

Our culture endeavors to condition us to be strong, independent & resourceful. These adjectives also appeal to our flesh in contrast to weakness, dependence & being needy. 
I’m exploring this weakness thing having recently sustained a concussion from a snowboarding accident. For what it’s worth, I’d suggest putting the concussion experience on your “un-bucket” list because of experiencing weakness in one’s mental faculties. 

With that being said, here’s some helpful ideas related to embracing rather than avoiding weakness:

  • admitting weakness is a starting point for welcoming Heavenly Help into our lives
  • leaning into the Holy Spirit is an adventure that exceeds anything I’ve ever experienced in the human context
  • I’m a far better person with Heavenly Help than without Help 🙂

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Atlean Martin-Holloman

Sending *good tiding: “Please be careful.. Hope all is well.”

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