doing big things

Sometimes, I think that God has a quirky sense of humor based on the assignments that seem to get tossed my way.  Over the last several months, I find myself involved in projects, problems and situations that are significantly bigger than my abilites or talents and I keep asking myself, “now why am I doing this?”  Most of my recent assignments from God don’t seem to be in the sweet spot of my talents or skills and many of these assignments are way bigger than me.  As I think about this, it seems like this is exactly the way that God operates – giving us assignments that are way beyond our natural abilities, including Saving Moses.  Perhaps God wants to:

  • help us become bigger & stronger people by increasing the sizes of the challenges that we face
  • increase our dependence & trust in God
  • accentuate God’s abilities through our shortcomings – giving greater glory to God than ourselves
  • keep our eyes trained on God & off of ourselves

Doing big things requires us to rely on God, big time 🙂



Alice Jackson

God’s assignments seem to bring out the things we thought we didn’t have (skills, feelings, thoughts, etc.). When we achieve what we do, we astonish ourselves. All we have to do it thank God. Saving Moses was made just for you. Blessings.

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