Ever have to wait at the DMV? It’s a lovely experience that equalizes humanity to those little number strips, as we all wait for our turn to go to the lady behind the window.  She knows everything & is all powerful. When I think about it, I want to be nice to her, bring her a peace offering & hope she’ll look favorably on my request. Maybe she’d like a donut with coffee, . . .
It’s possible that my DMV experience is a condensed practice for daily living with God  with one major difference: the lady behind the window is human. This means that she is flawed & disconnected from my human existence. Thankfully, God is more than human, integrated throughout our daily living & continuously loving. The DMV makes me appreciate that God is always available, no number required 🙂



Hi Sarah, Sorry – this is a comment irrelevant to your post, but …You spoke a word to “an individual” during the Greg Mohr part 1 taping around 8:30 minute mark. Not sure if you guys are interested in testimonies or not, but I think this was for me. I heard it about a month ago and it keeps coming to my memory. Thx Wendy

HOW COOL is THAT?!?!!! Thanks for sharing!

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