Diving in a dump – not quite

Well, yesterday was interesting, to put it mildly & I’m still trying to process it this morning. I’m very intent to find ways here that saving Moses can help infants & moms w really young kids (the 5 & under crowd). Yesterday we went to visit a trash dump & it was a pretty strong experience for me. To begin, we walked through alot of the dump to find the homes where everyone lives. While we were walking, I thought I was stepping on solid trash, but actually fell through into some like sewage & was stuck there for a little while. It made me think of the trash compactor scene in star wars & I was hoping nothing was alive under the surface. I got myself out of that stuff & we kept walking, paying better attention to where we were stepping.
We finally came to the “home area” where hundreds of people were using whatever trash they could find from the dump to make “homes.”. We came up to one of the homes & there were about 10 people, including lots of kids, living in this one rice bag kind of hut. A mom came out & started talking w us. She explained that she has 3 kids & I saw that she was prego & asked when she thought she would deliver – next month. She’s planning to give birth at the dump bc it costs about $50 to deliver at a hospital & they only make $1 / day from their recycling work.
As we continued to walk around I could see from the extreme poverty how vulnerable the people are – many of them doing absolutely anything to stay alive (prostitution, trafficking, drugs, anything). They are literally in the edge, the fringes of survival w virtually no help available. So I find myself asking Jesus what He would have me do. I’ll keep you posted on this.
Today, we have gone out into the countryside to explore more opportunities for saving Moses. It’s extremely important to go into the countryside in Cambodia bc 80% of the population in this nation is rural. So we’ll see what God has for us today. Thanks loads for praying!! I find myself trying to process this trip & kind of struggling w this right now.


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