Divine Direction

How does God direct us? What are some practical tips to help us follow God? I’ve been doing some digging into Paul’s life (in Acts & his epistles), listening, watching his life & thinking. Here are some helpful pointers to recognizing God’s direction in our lives:

  • The Bible: this has to be ground zero & final authority. Anything that disagrees with God’s Word isn’t God’s direction, full stop. 
  • Circumstances: in Acts 16:6ff Paul is experiencing many closed doors, despite his continuous effort;  
  • Divine Input: in Acts 16:9, he has a vision & sets off on a new trajectory with phenomenal results;
  • Desire: in Rom 15:23, Paul tells the Roman church that he’s wanted to minister to them for many years. Consider that when we ask God to give us desires that complement God’s purpose & will, this seriously happens šŸ™‚

Let’s be sure to let God shape our desires & direct our steps & have an awesome weekend!


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Cristina Parodi

Amen!!!Alineo con el SeƱor!!!hace aƱos que el Es mi SeƱor salvador!!! es fiel y un Padre insoslayable!!!Dios te bendiga Sarah hermosa intercesiĆ³n!!!!

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