distance #2: getting closer

There are lots of reasons to keep one’s distance in relationships.  There are also lots of reasons to allow one’s self to get close in relationships.  I’d really like your input on some reasons in both categories – so can you please leave a comment?

Also, I’m excited because Sunday I get to share about this topic & I feel that God’s given me some pretty amazing things to consider & apply – don’t miss Sunday for any reason.  You also need to come because Mark Thomas is leading worship & it will be really powerful.  It will really be worth your time!


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Can’t wait to hear the message.

As for input, I find that it’s very important to keep your distance in some cases because you need to protect the dream and anointing on your life. Some people don’t have your best interest in mind or speak negative things into your life. I try to limit my time with those people and not share the dreams that God put in my heart with them.

On the other hand, I’ve shared my dreams with very close friends and they prayed with me and encouraged me to keep pursuing God with passion!

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