Dislocating My Shoulder & Important Lessons

Yesterday I dislocated my shoulder with some snowboarding stuff & ski patrol helped me a lot. When they came, they got close to me because my face was kind of buried in the snow. He introduced himself & asked my name along with some pertinent questions (what day of the week, who’s the president, when’s your bday, etc). They were super helpful, trying to get off my snowboard & helping me to sit up, getting me into the sled & coaching me all along the way: what’s coming next, how’s it going, are you doing ok, grab my hand & I’ll help you, always using my name, protecting me in the sled on the way down (I watched some but mostly tried to say 1Cor 2 to keep my mind off the pain), being very gracious & patient.
While I didn’t know either of these men, they were extremely helpful & got me to a place where I could get my shoulder back in place. I was with them maybe for 30min, but their help was entirely invaluable.
Going through this experience has made me think a lot about Who the Holy Spirit is in my life. Let’s remember that Jesus called the Holy Spirit, our “Helper” when first teaching His disciples about the Holy Spirit in John 14.
Some of my take always that could help you as well in relation to the Holy Spirit:
*Help is always very close & not repelled by any brokenness
*Help coaches you along the journey, even when it’s painful
*Help us strong & available – stop trying to be independent
*I panic less when I listen to the Helper’s voice
*keeping my focus on the Helper empowers me to go through difficult adventures




Yikes! Glad you’re ok! Jeez. 🙁 Feel better and remember it’s not Olympics tryouts for Pete’s sake. lol 😉

Deborah Smith Pegues

Sarah, so sorry this happened! Glad you are okay!

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