Disconcerting thoughts

In less than a week, I’m going back to Angola w www.savingmoses.org & I have some mixed thoughts about this visit. Of course, I love the people with whom we work & I have nothing but massive respect for the daily work they do. I’m also eager to see some old friends since this will be my 4th visit & I’m getting to make some nice friendships. These are nice things but there are some not very nice things that I experience on these trips. It’s not pleasant to hold a baby who is malnourished & is struggling to survive. It’s difficult to see frenzied moms who are doing everything in their power to keep their baby alive. It’s hard for me sometimes to try & explain the needs I see to an audience that can occasionally be apathetic & cold. But when everything is said & done, despite the tremendous privation I see & the gut wrenching feelings that I experience, on these trips I sense Jesus is very real ways that I’m often unable to explain & because of Jesus’ presence, the disconcerting thoughts are not as severe. Traveling with Jesus helps me to have peace in my mind & heart



Love surround you, Warrior Sarah!!!
!Love Love Love U Love Love Love!

Bless you heart. There are so many things I don’t understand and how do you move an audience to compassion when we are sooooooooooooo blessed and ssssssssssssssssssso spoiled and the judgement seems to be on the hungry, starving, and mistreated. Onee again it gets back to Andy Andrews “How do kill 13 million people” – oh honey, can you hand me the remote so I can drown out that screaming noise!” Mmmhhhhhhhhhhhhh shame on us, and maybe someday – onward Christian soldiers.

salline manyange

Amen may god kp increasing you women of god!

Holly May Takatsuka

Will hold you in my prayers Sarah. Safe journeys, and peace. I cannot imagine doing this, and can understand how it would take some time to recover after coming back. You are a blessing to people all over the world.

“Love until it hurts”…without the suffering you experience when you become one in their pain you would only be doing “social work” . You are courageous Sarah . Please don’t stop Sarah you are doing what we are unable to do.

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