different can be better

I was having a nice conversation with a friend & we were talking about how much we enjoy our daily prayer times with God.  She said something that stuck with me in a funny way.  She said, “I wish I didn’t have to leave God’s sweet presence when I have to move into the day’s activities & demands.”  It was an interesting comment that has lingered in my mind for more than a year.  When she first said this, I readily agreed with her with sadness.  But after thinking about this for a few weeks, I started to consider that if God is everywhere at all times, then we never leave God’s presence.

Perhaps we get to discover God’s presence in different contexts:  busy, still, anxious, peaceful, uncertain, stable, clear, restless, hopeful, discouraged, hurt, loved, weakness, strength, joy, pain, . . . . .   Maybe we are learning to sense God in lots of different ways & contexts not only in the normal & expected ways 🙂



I have such great mornings starting off w/Joni, then TDJakes, then You and your mama, and top it off w/Joycee – Ready to face the world, then off to the battlefield!!
Think how David – the great warrior must have felt… ok a psalm here, a psalm there and then David slew his ten thousand YIKES!! What part of that story are we missing, then back to the wive (s) – whew Smile and another day. So if David, then…

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