did I get a ticket???

So today, I got pulled over by the police near a stop sign that I’ve struggled with in the past – translation:  I’ve rolled through this stop sign before & gotten a ticket.  But I came to a complete stop, looked both ways & noticed the nice policeman waiting for stop sign violators, of which I was not one.  Anyways, he flipped his lights on & started following me.  I stopped & was curious to know what this attention was about.  When he came to my window, he wanted to know if my son was wearing his seatbelt, to which I politely replied, “Yes, sir.  He was most certainly wearing his seatbelt.”  End of the story, I didn’t get a ticket 🙂

I wanted to be lippy & talk back to the officer, but I didn’t do that, thanks to the help of the Holy Spirit.  It always pays to “think twice & be nice.”  With the Holy Spirit’s help & intervention, we can do this & save ourselves a boat load of trouble 🙂



Oh, yeah right! C’mon Sara give yourself credit guy cops are guy cops. Smile It’s just part of being a humanoid. Do ya think some patrolman would just be pulling over Victoria Osteen just to see if her kids had on their seatbelts? Yah, sure! It’s O.K. Anyway, I had just picked up my grandkids and the Lord has blessed me w/the ol’ Mercedes that a rear taillight is out (to repair it is more complicated than a bulb – like $265) knowing that increases my chances of being pulled over and it happended. So after the normal license and registration, “I commented to the officer, that nothing in life is a coincidence, and is there anything that may I could pray with you about?” To which he replied, “Nope, have a nice night, and try to get that taillight fixed.” Smile no ticket. God is Great!

Alice Jackson

I agree, everything happens for a reason with God’s intentions. However, as a side note; in Colorado you cannot be pulled over by police just for a seatbelt question or infraction. Officer “what’s his face” might have been trying to meet that “non existing quota”, but thought better about it once he stopped you. Or he could have sensed the Godly glow of you and your little passenger. What a holy privilege for him, but not necessarily a tranquil moment for you. You passed the tests anyway (traffic and spiritual). Good for you.. :^)


Thanks for showing your human side. You / your ministry are appreciated.

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