daily help

Each day has its unique challenges – some more demanding than others.  But every day is distinct.  Recently, I’ve had some pretty rough days, filled with lots of pressure, stress, difficulties & sadness.  This morning, I read Ps 68:19, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden,  The God who is our salvation. Selah.”
I love this verse because it helps me to consider that God is not only available to carry my daily burdens, but He is more than able to do this.  I find that when I try to carry the burdens of each day without His help, the consequences aren’t so whippy.  Usually, I find myself wiped out – tired, frazzled & unpleasant among other things.  Additionally, when I get in my independent mode, my closeness with God seems to wither & decrease.  Of all the demands & pressures in my daily life, the one thing I don’t want to decrease is my intimacy with God.  I not only want to give Him my daily burdens, but I need to give these to Him so that my fellowship & communion with Him doesn’t get sabotaged by me or the percursory events of daily living.  There’s tremendous value to daily letting God carry our burdens – the burdens of each day, throughout the day.  He wants to do this & is fully capable – better than we can.


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