cut the clutter

When I was growing up, my dad would collect antique furniture & the term “collect” was an understatement.  When I would take out the trash to the garage, it was a risky expedition.  I’d be super careful not to touch or brush up against anything for fear of an antique avalanche under which I would be buried.  I remember telling my mom one time that if I didn’t come back from the garage in 15min, to bring a chainsaw & come looking for me.  Needless to say, I survived.  My aunt’s refrigerator was a similar collection, but more lethal ,)

Sometimes I think our lives are like that with God – so full of clutter, that He almost gets buried amidst: work pressures, kids’ activities, house responsiblities, Christmas preparations, etc.  From time to time, its an essential exercise that we de-clutter our lives.  To do this, it helps to look at the priorities that God has put in our lives:  love Him, love people, love our selves, stay true to His purposes in our lives.  From these priorities, we can then simplify & de-clutter our time, bedside reading pile, clothing needs, significance activities, re-structure our relationship priorities, etc.  Avoid the avalanche & cut the clutter 🙂




Love this! It is so relevant at this time. Thanks Sarah 🙂

You are absolutely right on here. Wonderful reminder Sarah!

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