Culture lessons

I’ve had the massive privilege of getting to travel alot in my life & this privilege means that I’ve experienced a really WIDE ARRAY of cultures & diversity. It’s interesting that what we Americans get uptight about for culturally acceptable isn’t the same for many other cultures. For example, it’s TOTALLY uncool to pick your teeth in China, but not a big deal to pick your nose – interesting differences.
Here’s my point, the true culture of Christianity according to John 13:35 is genuine love. As a follower of Jesus, my native culture is genuine love – water to my gills, air to my lungs, light to my eyes & touch in my heart. I want to live in genuine love, bringing my native culture throughout each day & interaction.



Wendy Brooks

Oh how much I LOVE this definition for the true culture of Christianity. I will definitely have to share this with my missions ministry at church. I was humbly honored to take my first international missions trip to Thailand two years ago. Not only was I exposed to a different culture, but I learned so much about their culture of “honor.” I think sometimes we as “Americans” have an incorrect assumption that we do things “the right way.” But if we as Christians would simply learn to do things and say things like Jesus would – it would “speak” an international language and display a culture of love no matter where we are in the world.

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