credit downgrade

 Everyone has been pretty uptight about the credit downgrade from S&P for the US and this is undoubtably a really big deal.  It seems to me that credit & blame sometimes go in the same playing field – credit when it goes well & blame when something fails.

So here are some interesting thoughts / questions:

  • how often do we take the credit for God’s work in our lives?
  • do our talents & hard work get more applause than God’s hand working in & through us?
  • do we blame God for the failures & shortcomings in our lives?
  • is taking credit for God’s work in our best interests?
  • is the blame game merely the deflection of responsibility or does it have any value?
Paul said that God’s grace was very effective in his life – credit given where credit is due.  Seems like a healthy strategy 🙂



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