Costa Rica, here we come!!

I’m very excited to get to go to Costa Rica today! Our womens metoring exhange is joining a few thousand women from Central America to experience God, have some great fellowship & let Gods word & presence soak into our hearts!!
I’m also REALLY excited because we also get to bring Saving Moses to Cosa Rica – both Benji, my son & I are going to be doing some very essential outreaches to some impoverished communities, to demonstrate Gods tangible love, especially to kids under 5yrs old. I’m particularly excited about having my son join me for his 1st solo missions trip. I believe that this trip will be life changing for both of us!
I’ll be blogging everyday, as well as doing Twitter & Facebook updates really frequently so I’d love to have you join our adventure to keep you up to speed on what God will be doing w us!!


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