I’ve been on both sides of this correction topic – receiving correction (Sarah, your performance is sub-standard and you’ll need to make significant improvements if you plan to continue in this role) and giving correction.  Neither position is very pleasant, but correction is very important and here are a few pointers:

  • if you’re receiving correction, be mindful to listen and not argue, deflect, make excuses or blame others.  If you receive the correction well and in a constructive way (regardless of how the person presents it), you can grow, learn, get stronger and be a better person.  If you receive correction poorly, you’ll probably have to go through the cycle again & it might be a more painful experience the next time around :/
  • if you’re giving correction, be mindful to deal with the behavior that needs to change without attacking the person and use several concrete examples of the wrong behavior.  It’s also necessary to be clear and firm, explaining to the recipient the preferred outcome or method for their actions.  Finally, be constructive and affirming, believing that the person can change.

There are heaps and heaps of wisdom in the Bible that pertain to correction, so please consider reading about the life of Eli in 1 Samuel 1-4 and also Hebrews 12, as starting points.  Let’s allow correction to be constructive in our lives 🙂



THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU!! Going to meet w/ my kids to discuss relationships – It is a great “ice-breaker” jno pun intended – so your messages was very timely thank you Holy Spirit and thank you Sarah. I don’t think you need to change – we just need to sometimes improve our skill levels constructively, but you are a darling. Just be what God made you to be – GREAT!

jerald t. garretson

Just when I thought a day would come when I would seemingly do almost all things in adequate fashion my heart drops and I realize I blew it again. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever learn. I guess when I feel like this I just need to repent again and count on Christ’s never ending grace.

Jerald, may the comfort of the Holy Spirit be very real and encouraging to you, with no condemnation. I also blow it, but let’s celebrate God’s power to transform and restore us! You’re doing great!

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