Copies of Christ

Someone famous once said that the highest form of praise is imitation so when Paul says in 1Cor 11 that we should follow him as he follow him as he follows Christ, he uses the Greek word for “imitate” rather than the word “follow”. I see this whole idea play out in a really sweet & awesome way with my son & husband. Many years ago, I was a pretty central priority in my kids lives & my husband was important for sure but maybe not quite as central. Over time, this has kind of shifted the other way, particularly with one of my sons. The other night at dinner, my husband was teasing my daughter & my son completely followed in his steps & started reading his sister in the same way. This particular son thinks that my husband almost walks on water at this time so whatever my husband does, my son does to imitate him – it’s usually a really sweet thing to watch, usually 🙂
With all of that being said, let’s be sure that the hero we most worship & imitate is Jesus! Let’s be copies of Christ 🙂



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