Conflict Management

It seems to me that we all have various conflicts & hot spots that we have to manage – such hot spots could include: stressful conversations with co-workers / classmates, conflict with our mates, harsh words between friends, scratchy people, etc. Regardless of having hotspots, which seem to be inevitable, here are some ideas for constructive words that might come in handy:

*a soft answer turns away wrath (Prov 15:1): you are a really gifted person with (name a talent they have)

*words seasoned with grace (Col 4:6): I believe that you were trying your best in this situation (give the benefit of the doubt)

*be quick to listen (James 1:19): Please help me understand what you’re concerned about (seek to understand the other person’s point of view)

*be encouraging (1 Thess 5:11): I really want to encourage you that I see you’re trying hard in this situation; I want to encourage you that I see talents, gifts and potential in you that you may not see

*pursue peace (Rom 14:19): Here’s the common ground that we can agree on (describe something about which you agree)


What are some suggestions you’d give us that could also be helpful?



Make sure whether you can stop and take a break before having the discussion that you take even a moment and internally stop, ask the Lord to give you both His wisdom, perspectives and words while discussing the concerns or issues. Another words, seeking Gods eyes and ears for each person involved. Every time I do that I am amazed and awed at not only how the discussion turns out but also how many times I change at least part of my perspectives and almost always learn new things I didn’t think of before about the other person(s) or just life!

AWESOME Diana!! Such great wisdom!! 🙂

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