confession time

Today, I went to renew my daughter’s passport & as expected, it wasn’t as simple as I thought.  Over the course of the years, I’ve renewed several passports for my kids & every time I go, it gets increasingly complicated – I’m sure all for good reasons.  Nevertheless, when I stood at the counter discussing the renewal with the post office lady, I found myself getting really ramped up, uber fast.  By the conclusion of my conversation with this poor lady, she had received a brief lesson on English grammar, was fairly rattled & wasn’t interested in continuing to try & help me – which of course was bad for me 🙁

Here’s what makes me unhappy about my exchange w the post office lady – I wasn’t a peace maker.  Instead, I was a pain in the neck.  Ultimately, we were successful in submitting the passport application, but initially, the poor lady behind the counter was rather traumatized.  Fortunately, I was able to re-group & visit with her later & had some  pleasant interaction.  But here’s my point:  Jesus said that peace makers would be blessed because they would be called the sons of God.  In my passport event, I wasn’t  a peace maker & there wasn’t much blessing that happened during the interaction – not good on my part.  Truly, I want to be a person that brings peace, wisdom, comfort, encouragement, truth & compassion to others with whom I interact – I want to be a peacemaker more than an agitator or trouble maker.  I want to let the peace of God that I know in my heart be the influencing factor for all of my interactions.  May the Holy Spirit help me to stay in synch with Him better & better, each and every day.



Candi Vernon

We are human. We all turn into a pain in the neck on occasion. Naturally it’s better to promote or maintain peace, but sometimes it the reconciling (or regrouping and visiting) that truly marks us as a peacemaker. IMHO

I fill your pain my friend been there done that and I agree with you. I keep thinking that we are closer to having Jesus returned so needless to say the process and the system in life is not getting any easier and it looks to me that is also darker and jest plain stupid.
So yes it is a bit more challenging to be a peace maker. But thank God for God’s Grace with out it I would probably be a very mean and angry citizen:)

Peace to you. Love you.

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