Recently, I was snowboarding, fell & got a concussion. Needless to say, this isn’t in my top five exciting experiences. Recovering from a concussion requires rest, again not in my top five exciting experiences. Furthermore, I’m not supposed to concentrate for long amounts of time, again not in my top five exciting experiences. So I’d rate the concussion thing at a 2 because there’s a little up side with people being more patient & kind, generally. All that being said, I wouldn’t recommend this adventure. 
But here are some things I’m learning from God that might help you as well:

  • Being still & quiet can be a massive opportunity to experience supernatural peace
  • Being strong & independent doesn’t help us to be close to people or God
  • God is big enough to handle stuff that can feel overwhelming
  • I can trust the Holy Spirit to take better care of things than when I try on my own

Have a really excellent weekend & don’t forget to grab your copy of Heavenly Help!


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Clyde Railsback

One of my granddaughters got a concussion from an auto accident. Went through the same recovery process that you listed. Blessings and quick healing.

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