Concussion Writing

Recently I had a snowboarding accident, landed on my head and got a concussion, despite wearing a helmet.  Clearly, this is not a pleasant experience and the recovery feels slow, to this fairly impatient person 🙂

Writing with a concussion is an interesting experience.  I find that my thinking is slower than normal and sometimes it feels like my writing is murky.  So here’s my solution:  Heavenly Help 🙂

Truth be known, in some ways this concussion experience has helped me lean into the Holy Spirit like I’ve never done before and the results are super encouraging!  For example, last night, I attended a school function with one of my kids where I’d normally be super insecure and awkward.  Instead, last night I felt lots of strength and confidence from the Holy Spirit and left the event not only relieved but also very pleased and secure in the Holy Spirit’s very practical help and strength.  This whole concussion thing can really help me grow deeper in my relationship with the Helper and that, my friends, is the best thing in the world!



Chinwag and Tea

Hi Sarah, sorry to hear about your concussion. Please be aware that brain related injuries take months compared to bruises or broken bones. Patience is key. And listening to ‘stop’ as needed…things like reading (larger fonts help) or even thinking (planning, organizing, etc) can cause a weird discomfort. I’ll be praying for your recovery.

Yes & amen! Totally experiencing these things & couldn’t agree with you more – thanks!!!

I’m so sorry for your accident. Please take care! P.S. – In all sincerity, have you ever thought about gardening as an alternative hobby to snowboarding?? God bless you Sarah!

Great thought! Maybe hang gliding ,)

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