common humanity

Ok, sorry if this seems boring & common, but presently, this is my state of mind.  I’ve been struggling to not live on the surface of life worrying & being frustrated with a litany of subjects.  I’m very aware of my need to find peace, rest & confidence in God in the depths of my heart – which He helps me to do from time to time.  But I also sense myself in the daily living that like a buoy, its easy to pop back to the surface & get blown & tossed around by shallow living, people frustrations, my own humanity, etc.  I guess the fact that I have this desire to live in God’s rest & peace is evidence of Him working in me.  But I’m finding that more than wanting to live in depths w His peace guarding my heart & mind, I’m finding that this is becoming a necessity. 

Lindel Cooley (however you spell his name) sang a song many years ago, “I Need You More” & I find myself singing that in genuine poverty of heart.  But I also sense that God has some inexpressable joy for me as I surrender to my need for Him & the abundance of Him integrated into daily living – even in the shallows.  God is ever present.  What a relief!



Sarah, here lately I find myself saying “less of me and more of you, Lord”. Doesn’t matter what I am doing, like cleaning the house, Bible study, prayer, walking with my pets…. I too sense that God is drawing me so close to Him…I know it sounds like I do too much yet it is actually the opposite. My whole day and night, 24/7, is God…. The peace that He gives me is beyond measure. The knowing that God instills within me is Heaven…have you ever known that you were here yet you were given a visual (with your natural eyes) of Heaven and could actually feel (almost touch with your hand) the peace? And you are so right, it is a necessity.. I like the life jacket, perfect fit. Shalom, Cristi


“living like a buoy”… what an amazing illustration for how it feels to be in that place of life. Thank you for your transparency, SB. It is one of the many qualities I love about you.

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