Christmas plans & cooking

 We are coming to the close of the  Christmas  season & it seems to me that we all do Christmas in our own unique ways – which is cause to celebrate!  Thankfully, I changed a few of my normal habits so that this year has less stress than preceding years (normally, I procrastinate package wrapping because this is the one task I totally HATE, for various reasons).  Anyways, this year we had a wrapping party, so that atrocity has been overcome ,)

I’m now putting my brain into the cooking mode, since today & tomorrow will be filled w food prep.  Here are some things that we’ll be cooking (my daughter is helping me):

  • breakfast:  2 savory bread puddings (spinach / artichoke and ham, cheese & sun dried tomatoes) – I think these hold great promise ,)
  • meats:  turkey & ham
  • veggies:  sweet potato casserole ala’ Isabell & green beans
  • salads:  green salad & my mom’s infamous black cherry jello
  • chorizo stuffing (my husband’s favorite)
  • desserts:  pecan pie & peach cobbler

So what do you cook & how do you celebrate Christmas???

We are having lots of people over, but the whole point of all of this cooking, preparation, celebration, et. al, is 100% due to Jesus’ birth – indeed, the most noble of all events to celebrate.  Merry Christmas!!


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Emma Tameside

Loved the article, sounds like an incredibly tasty meal! Came across your blog while actually looking for some plans for this Christmas, at the moment I’m hoping to visit the Nuremberg Christmas Markets with the family. It’ll be a huge difference to our usual Christmas spent at home, however, it’s an incredibly traditional and culturally sound market experience, which is what attracts me to the idea of going.

I doubt we’ll get to do too much cooking ourselves over there, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what they serve in the hotel! I’ll also be keeping an eye out for your future blog posts, great reads.

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